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Venice City Solutions 2018- Financing the SDGs at Local Level

Local and regional governments all over the world have already committed to implement the SDGs at local level, and their global networks have been present in the design and first stages of implementation of the Agenda 2030. Yet, in order for the 2030 Agenda to happen locally, it needs to be sufficiently funded with a clear financial strategy.

This first edition of the “Venice City Solutions – Financing the SDGs at Local Level” aimed to explore how to make SDGs a reality for all starting from the local level. On November 16-17, 2018, it brought together over 100 representatives of central governments, local and regional government associations, mayors, governors and development partners to identify existing experiences, gathering data and providing solutions to the challenge of how to finance the implementation of the SDGs at local level.

After the opening welcome and the speech by Mahmoud Mohieldin, Senior Vice President of the World Bank Group, the programme was divided into four thematic trails:

a) national strategies for financing the achievement of the SDGs at local level,

b) measuring impact at local level and the importance of data on budget alignment and indicators,

c) city solutions and how local governments are making the Agenda 2030 a reality at local level and

d) the role of dynamic local economies to achieve Agenda 2030.

The following wrap-up session aimed to embrace the discussions in the four thematic trails and distill the main points to be included in the final report of the activity, including identified solutions, pending challenges and key ideas to be put forward to the HLPF in year 2019 and the Global Sustainable Development Report 2019.

Some of the recommendations were:

  • When addressing, developing or revising national and legislative policy frameworks, always consider implications for the local level and include respective measures.
  • We need to overcome the gap in data and build on existing data, work on transparency of data and take data into account which has been neglected so far.
  • It is not enough to talk about the financing of the SDGs at local level, we have to rethink the role of local governments and local governance according to the principle of subsidiarity.
  • In order to enhance the role of the local level, supporting local government associations are a good entry point. In general, the international community should commit to localizing the SDGs and support capacity building and innovation in partnership with the local level.

The event was hosted by the Italian Association for the Council of European Municipalities (AICCRE) and financially supported by Platforma and UNACLA, with the technical contribution of FMDV. The event was co-organised by UNDP, UN-Habitat, UNCDF and United Cities and Local Governments.

The final report and recommendations can be accessed here.


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