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UNESCO International Conference on Learning Cities

UNESCO International Conference On Learning Cities

When: 18-20 September 2017
Where: Cork, Ireland

18-20 September 2017, the city of Cork will host the third International Conference on Learning Cities.

This conference is an opportunity for the exchange of ideas and good practice, the creation and strengthening of partnerships and the fostering of twin cities. It is also, and most importantly, a platform on which to build the future of learning cities.

Given the need for urgent intervention to ensure a safe, liveable planet for future generations, the conference will move from global discourse to local implementation in implementing lifelong learning to support the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

The overall theme of the conference will be Global goals, local actions: Towards lifelong learning for all in 2030, followed by three critical sub-themes to be discussed in pursuit of the objectives of the conference:

  1. How lifelong learning supports the achievement of the SDGs at local level
  2. Promoting integrated governance and multi-stakeholder partnership for your city’s sustainable future
  3. Successful ways of implementing and measuring the impact of local actions for sustainable development

Follow this link to pre-register yourself to the conference.

More information about the conference is available at

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