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The Report of Local and Regional Governments on the Way towards the Localization of the SDGs

The Report Of Local And Regional Governments On The Way Towards The Localization Of The SDGs

Has your country involved Local and Regional Governments (LRGs) in the reporting process and the preparation of Voluntary National Reviews (VNR)? Are there good examples for national-local collaboration in support of the process of Localizing the SDGs? Are sub-national governments granted the means in order to effectively localize the SDGs?

Answers to these questions can be found in the Global Taskforce´s report on National and sub-national governments on the way towards localization, facilitated by UCLG. With the contribution of 30 associations of LRGs, the report analyses a total of 63 Voluntary National Reviews in order to monitor the SDG implementation from the perspective of local and regional governments.

The report provides evidence on the current and potential role of LRGs in Localizing the SDGs. It pays particular attention to the growing involvement of LRGs in the dissemination and adaptation of the SDGs at the local level, and demonstrates how in the majority of the countries analyzed, LRGs are mentioned as having taken part in the consultation process and are in charge of key policy areas. However, many countries have still not involved local governments in the national consultation mechanisms and this demonstrates that stronger efforts and innovative strategies are needed to foster local ownership and involvement in the achievement of the SDGs.

During the following two weeks, the report will be presented by a delegation of local and regional governments facilitated by UCLG on behalf of the Global Taskforce, during the 5th UN High Level Political Forum (HLPF) on Sustainable Development from 10-19 July, 2017. This will allow local authorities not only to take part in this global monitoring process, but also to report for the first time to the HLPF on their role in implementing the SDGs.

For more information click here and follow the hashtags #HLPF2017 and #Local4Action on Twitter.

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