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Capacity Development

Handbook for a successful project
Platforma, Abigaïl Faure, Mireille Van der Graaf; Platforma (2016)
This practical guide was conceived in the spirit of the mission for easier access to financing opportunities. It helps elected representatives and local civil servants to build solid projects and attractive applications. You can find useful information on EU Member States’ funding agencies and multilateral organisations. The handbook is also available in French.

Integrated Framework to Support Local Governance and Local Development
The Integrated Local Governance and Local Development (LGLD) Framewor was developed jointly by UNDP with its associated funds and programmes, UNV and UNCDF. This framework supports partners across societies and economies, i.e. governments at all levels, civil society, private sector, and development agencies, at different stages of development to design strategies to localise the 2030 Agenda and its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Methodological Guide: Local Economic Development for African Local Elected Officials
AFD, LEDNA (2015)
Economic development is one of the main concerns for local authorities in African cities. This methodological guide by AFD in partnership with LEDNA (part of UCLGA) helps local elected officials to strengthen local economic development. It is a decision-making and implementation tool that aims to assist local authorities and their partners in addressing issues of local economic development in order to strengthen local economic dynamics and job creation in African cities. This publication is also available in French.

Capacity Development in Situations of Conflict and Fragility: German Approaches and Lessons Learned by GIZ
GIZ (2015)
Countries characterised by fragility and conflict pose significant challenges to programmes engaging in capacity development. The Sector Network Good Governance Asia produced the publication “Capacity Development in Situations Conflict and Fragility – German Approaches and Lessons Learned by GIZ” which presents practically reflected discourse on frequently faced dilemmas. It calls for dialogue and honest reflection on lessons learned, including backlashes and pitfalls, to allow for more realistic and informed project planning and implementation.

Decentralization in the Mashrek Region: Challenges and Opportunities
Platforma (2015)

Municipal Accounting Reforms in India – An Implementation Guide
ADB (2013)

“Tapping the Untapped Potential. GIZ Success Stories in Capacity Development for Local Revenue Enhancement in Sub-Saharan Africa”
GIZ Sector Network for Good Governance in Africa (2012)

Case stories on capacity development and sustainable results
Learning Network on Capacity Development (2011)

Voices of Capacity Development (2011)

Capacity Development: Measuring Capacity
UNDP (2010)

A resource portal for the practice of capacity development and the home of journal, published two to three times a year

Who calls the Shots? Capacity development for local governance: a case for harmonisation and alignment
Neila Akrimi and Jan Willem Nibbering (2009)
For decentralisation to succeed and consequently for local governance to be effective, new roles will have to be taken up by all actors at all levels, and the capacities that enable them to take up these roles need to be developed.

Building capacities for monitoring and evaluating decentralisation and local governance
ECDPM (2007)
Experiences, challenges, perspectives

The challenge of capacity development
OECD (2006)
Working towards good practices.

Institutional Assessment and Capacity Development – Why, what and how?
EuropeAid (2005)
Reference Document No 1

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