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Join DeLoG’s webinar on the SDG implementation at the local level and the commitment to “leave no one behind” (LNOB)

Join DeLoG’s Webinar On The SDG Implementation At The Local Level And The Commitment To “leave No One Behind” (LNOB)

On May 23rd at 12pm (CET), DeLoG will conduct a webinar which will be provided by Paula Lucci (ODI) that discusses the key role that local governments play in implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the key commitment to ‘leave no one behind’.

Agreed in the United Nations in 2015 the SDGs are an ambitious agenda that will shape development efforts over the next 13 years. Up to 65% of SDG targets could be at risk should local urban stakeholders not be assigned a clear mandate and role in the implementation process (Misselwitz and Salcedo, 2015). This session will provide background on the SDGs and reflect on where this agenda stands, particularly in terms of local government involvement. It will also discuss the extent to which cities are on track to achieve the SDGs based on current trends (Lucci et al. 2016) and provide a series of emerging examples on what cities, particularly in Latin America, are doing to implement the SDGs. To conclude we will discuss some of the challenges of localising the SDGs and the role of donors in this agenda.
The webinar will take place in the context of DeLoG’s ongoing e-learning course Enhancing Development Effectiveness for Decentralisation and Local Governance (May 7th- July 7th) and it is open to the public! In order to register for the webinar please click here

Paula Lucci is a Senior Research Fellow with London-based think tank the Overseas Development Institute.  Her current research interests include the SDG agenda, particularly its implementation in cities, urbanisation and urban poverty. She has over ten years experience in economic development research and policy analysis, with think tanks, consultancy and governments in Argentina and Mexico. She holds an MPhil in International Development from Oxford University and an MSc in Economics from Pompeu Fabra University.

Please contact Lea Flaspoehler ( for further information.

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