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Join DeLoG’s webinar on ‘Decentralisation & Local Governance in fragile & conflict affected settings’

Join DeLoG’s Webinar On ‘Decentralisation & Local Governance In Fragile & Conflict Affected Settings’

On June 13th at 12pm (CET), DeLoG will conduct a webinar on Decentralisation and Local Governance in Fragile and Conflict-Affected Settings. The webinar will be led by Nicolas Garrigue (UNDP) and aims to provide an enhanced understanding of the role that local governance can play in securing sustainable pathways to peace and development in fragile and conflict-affected settings, and of the different factors that shape the success of decentralisation and local governance approaches in such contexts. It will take place in the context of DeLoG’s currently ongoing e-learning course Enhancing Development Effectiveness for Decentralisation and Local Governance and it is open to the public!

In order to register for the webinar please click here.

Content of the webinar:

The webinar will start with recalling what the commonly-accepted features of “fragility” are while at the same time underlining the great diversity of fragile contexts – and hence the difficulty to draw any general conclusions when it comes to the best approaches for supporting decentralisation and local governance in such settings. Concepts such as statebuilding, peace pathways and the social contract will be explained and linked to the core functions of local governance, in order to build a broad theory of change as to how the transformation of local governance systems in fragile and conflict-affected settings can be an engine of peace and development. The pros and cons for decentralisation, i.e. an ambitious political, administrative and fiscal state reform process considered as the most elaborate and complex option for transforming local governance, will be presented in brief.
After this first theoretical part, the Webinar will provide insights into different aspects of designing and implementing local governance programmes in fragile and conflict-affected settings, including context analysis, results framework, conflict sensitivity, gender equality, operational challenges and impact evaluation, and provide two short examples, one on Somalia and one on El Salvador.

About the expert:

Nicolas Garrigue works as Senior Consultant on Local Governance in Crisis-Affected Settings with UNDP since 2012. Before that, he spent nearly 20 years in the field working for different international organisations, including UNOPS, UNDP and UN missions, in the areas of rural development, local governance and democratization. He has spent a good share of his career in fragile and crisis-affected countries (e.g. Iraq, Yemen, Tunisia, Libya, East Timor, Haiti, Myanmar, Palestine) assisting with the building and strengthening of national and local governance systems and with post-disaster and post-conflict early recovery. Nicolas has authored UNDP’s Guide on Local Governance in Fragile & Conflict-Affected Settings (2016) as well as UNDP’s Signature Product on Restoring Local Governance Functions after a Disaster (2015). He holds a M.Sc. degree in Rural Development Studies from Montpellier University, France.

Please contact Lea Flaspoehler ( and Hendrik Frieling ( from the DeLoG Secretariat for further information.

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