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Governance, Civic Participation and Capacities

Governance, Civic Participation And Capacities

Under this heading, DeLoG convened a workshop together with ANAMM (National Association of Municipalities of Mozambique) at the German Habitat Forum in Berlin on June 1st.

Municipalities bear great responsibilities for sustainable and inclusive development, including responsibilities for meeting the SDGs. In the discussions we tried to shed some light on preconditions for urban governance.

These are the messages we passed on as key statements for the Berlin Recommendations, which should feed into the New Urban Agenda at the Habitat III conference:

Message 1

Local governments should be subjects (not objects!) of the New Urban Agenda (NUA), signatory to the NUA and part of the decision making process for the implementation.

Message 2

There is a need to establish Capacity Development for local governments and civil society and well defined communication channels between the two.

Local Governments must be enabled to manage the affairs of the city in a responsive and inclusive manner and institutionalize participatory processes.

Civil Society must be able to articulate and represent the interest of all citizens as well as to engage.

Message 3

We need to align coherent national decentralisation strategies and urbanisation policies and ensure an enabling environment for a multi-level and multi-actor “pact” for urban governance

We wish to thank our co-convener, the National Association of Municipalities of Mozambique (ANAMM), our facilitator Martha Gutierrez, Head of Division “Governance, Crisis Management and Construction” (GIZ) and our great panelists Dr. David Satterthwaite (IIED – International Institute for Environment and Development), Rose Molokoane (FEDUP (South African Federation of the Urban Poor) and SDI (Slum Dwellers International)), Silvia Haas (City of Leipzig), Eduardo Jossias Nguenha (ANAMM – National Association of Municipalities of Mozambique) and Sara Hoeflich de Duque (UCLG, World Secretariat Barcelona) for sharing their views and experiences in our workshop.

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