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DPWG-LGD Newsletter No. 8

DPWG-LGD Newsletter No. 8

The time has come for the first edition of the DPWG-LGD Newsletter in 2011. Not only is the year new, we also have a new member. Luxembourg joined the DPWG-LGD in March 2011 and will be represented through the Ministry of For- eign Affairs by Mr. Manuel Tonnar and Lux-Development by Mr. François Bary. Please join us in welcoming our new members. However this does not affect our membership number of 28 as the German Government has merged the DED (German Development Service), GTZ and InWEnt (Capacity Building Interna- tional) into the new “Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit” (GIZ, German International Cooperation). The merger will harmonise and concen- trate the tools, instruments and resources of the German Technical Cooperation to provide more efficient services to its partners and beneficiaries. The DPWG- LGD secretariat is now hosted by GIZ.
In this edition we present “in profile” our new colleague Gabin Hamman, Principal Administrator Governance, Security, Human Rights and Gender from the EU Commission, inheriting Dominique Dellicour a highly dedicated DPWG-LGD member who has contributed a big part to the groups’ success and its good inter- national standing. We want to know from our new DPWG-LGD member Gabin, if he will continue to play such an important role for our working group.
For DPWG-LGD 2011 has started with the first pilot training of the DPWG-LGD train4dev course on “Harmonisation, Decentralisation and Local Governance”. This course is a product of a subgroup composed by the European Commission (DEVCO), Switzerland (SDC), Denmark (DANIDA), Netherlands and the Secretariat/GIZ. The course took place from January 24th to 28th, 2011 in Brus- sels.
At the end of January 2011 Paul Smoke and Matthew S. Winters, funded by USAID, have finalized their synthesis paper on the three case studies undertaken in 2010 in DRC, Indonesia and Uganda, supported by World Bank, USAID and UNCDF. The DPWG-LGD working paper provides a good basis for the four addi- tional case studies in Benin, Ghana, Mozambique and Peru that are currently developed since February 2011. The seven cases will provide the evidence for a publication that will be developed and discussed on the 6th Annual Meeting in Brussels. This year’s meeting will take place from May 18 to 20th, 2011 hosted by the European Commission and Switzerland.
Finally it’s my pleasure to inform you, that Christine Seidel has filled the Project Manager Position of the Secretariat since Nina Wade is currently on maternity/ parental leave. Christine will support the secretariat in all organizational and fi- nancial matters ensuring an efficient network management.

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