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DPWG-LGD Newsletter No. 7

DPWG-LGD Newsletter No. 7

DPWG-LGD is now comprised by 28 member organizations. This is a considerable number that bears a lot of potential for exchange of information and knowledge sharing. This newsletter wants to contribute to learn from each other through presenting periodically innovative approaches of our member organizations. In this edition we feature the SDC/DEZA network approach in an interview with DPWG-LGD focal point Kuno Schläfli. We hope that this will motivate other development partners to share their ideas and concepts in upcoming editions.

The DPWG-LGD annual meeting has successfully taken place in Washington D.C. between 9-11of June, hosted jointly by the Worldbank, US-AID and UNCDF. The 2011 annual meeting will be held in Brussels on May 18-20th hosted by Europe Aid, together with the Netherlands and SDC.

In the second semester of 2010 the DPWG-LGD has supported the Global Forum on local development in Kampala Uganda between October 4th and 6th organized by the Government of Uganda, UNDP and UNCDF, attended by more than 600 participants from 81 countries. DPWG-LGD facilitated the session “What can development partners do?”

The secretariat has further been participating in the “world summit of regional and local leaders” hold from November 17th to 20th in Mexico City, where the second global report on decentralization and local democracy: “Local Government Finance: The challenges of the 21st Century was launched”

We have updated and restructured the DPWG-LGD website. Please check it out and feel free to send us your comments and suggestions for further improvement. In this regard we would really appreciate if you could send us relevant documents, links and information so we can enrich our newsletter and website with LGD, aid effectiveness and harmonization issues.

Finally we want to thank Nina Helm for the excellent work she has carried out leading the secretariat until April 2010.

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