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DPWG-LGD Newsletter No. 4

DPWG-LGD Newsletter No. 4

Our aim this year is to establish a sound basis for future joint activities by finding common ground in various fields of decentralization and local governance. Therefore we are looking forward to interesting and productive discussions on fiscal decentralization, capacity development and our specific guidelines at our annual meeting in Bratislava and hope to get good results in the follow-up of these discussions.

We are also very excited about 2 lead donor workshops in Sub-Sahara Africa and hope that this will be a further step towards harmonized activities and alignment among Development Partners. If you come across interesting information in your daily work that you wish to share with the group in the next newsletter, we are happy to receive your messages at any time.

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Newsletter: Newsletter No.4 04/2009 (PDF 89.2 KB)

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