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DPWG-LGD Newsletter No. 2

DPWG-LGD Newsletter No. 2

Our last meeting in Paris (June 25 to 27) was a big success, as we advanced in defining our guiding principles and identified five issues to be deepened in working groups: 1. integral framework, 2. indicators, 3. capacity building, 4. fiscal decentralisation, 5. sequences. The meeting showed also that our informal character is very useful for the open exchange and unbureaucratic proceedings. (see minutes below).

As we have seen, there is a lot of work to be done, specially in terms of networking. If you wish to share any relevant information concerning your organisation with other members of the DPWG-LDG or a broader general public, I am happy to receive your messages at any time.

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Newsletter: Newsletter No.2 8/2008 (PDF 871 KB)

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