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DeLoG Working Paper no. 2 / February 2013

DeLoG Working Paper No. 2 / February 2013

During the final Post-2015 Thematic Consultation on Governance in Midrand, South Africa (read article above), the group’s second Working Paper was presented. Commissioned by the DeLoG secretariat and written by Nicolas Awortwi, ‘Making the Case for Decentralisation and Local Governance’ constitutes the first contribution of the Development Partners Working Group on Decentralisation & Local Governance to the on-going debate around the Post-2015 development agenda. Based on lessons from the implementation of the MDGs, and taking persistent but also new development challenges into account, the paper shows the relevance of a functioning multi-level-governance system for any future development agenda in six key thematic areas. These areas are: (1) basic service delivery; (2) growth and employment creation; (3) inequalities; (4) environmental sustainability and climate change; (5) food security and (6) fragility, conflict and post-conflict situations. The paper also argues that once there is consensus around the thematic areas of Post-2015, the indicators and the monitoring of progress will need to follow a multi-level approach. The latter is essential for development interventions to be tailored to specific sub-national needs and contexts, while retaining the MDGs’ well-tried merits in the shape of regional and national assessments. The paper closes by sketching out the role development partners need to play in order to successfully implement decentralisation and local governance reforms.
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