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DeLoG Global Seminar Series Localizing development: Does participation work?

DeLoG Global Seminar Series Localizing Development: Does Participation Work?

On October 28th and 29th, 2013 the first two sessions of DeLoG’s Global Seminar Series were held in Brussels and Bonn. The DeLoG Global Seminar Series is a format which aims at exchanging knowledge between DeLoG members, academia and the wider DLG audience. Speaker of the first two events was Vijayendra Rao, lead economist at the World Bank. His intervention covered the results of the study ‘Localizing development: Does participation work’ which he conducted together with Ghazala Mansuri in 2012. He researched if participation can be induced through the type of large-scale government and donor-funded participatory programs that have become common in the past decade.

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