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DeLoG Annual Meeting in Berlin 2012

DeLoG Annual Meeting In Berlin 2012

Between 30th of May and 1st of June the 7th annual meeting of the Development Partners Working Group on Decentralisation and Local Governance was held in Berlin. The meeting was jointly hosted by BMZ, KfW and GIZ.
Over 40 participants from 23 different organisations were present to discuss the need for better alignment and harmonisation of DLG support and to shape DeLoG´s future agenda.

The meeting provided space for knowledge sharing on experiences and new approaches. Several members contributed to one of the five thematic sessions on varying topics ranging from the HLF Busan and its implications for DeLoG, urbanisation and local adaption to climate change to designing support strategies and usage of local country systems.

One of the main outcomes of the meeting was the consensus amongst the participants that DeLoG should continue to engage in the post Busan process to sustain the momentum of local governments playing a more prominent role in the aid and development effectiveness agenda. Further DeLoG will advocate for the inclusion of subnational issues in the post MDG debate.

›› Agenda of the meeting (PDF 200 KB)
›› Final Report / Minutes of the meeting (PDF 435 KB)

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