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Decentralised Governance and Peacebuilding

When: 25 March – 19 April 2019
Place: Online
Apply by: 18 March 2019

This online course by United Nations System Staff College explores how decentralisation contributes to peacebuilding and identifies the elements of local governance that are most relevant in a post-conflict/peacebuilding context. Concrete case studies are used to illustrate successful decentralisation reforms and peacebuilding efforts at the local level.

The modules focus on:

  • Decentralised governance: key concepts;
  • Effective decentralisation for peacebuilding;
  • The politics of decentralised governance;
  • Fiscal decentralisation and accountability;
  • Security, crime and rule of law in a decentralised framework;
  • Role of decentralisation in improving local economies in the delivery of basic services;
  • Decentralisation case studies.

Target audience:
UN professional staff and partners working in decentralisation, development, peacebuilding, development, and humanitarian assistance. Open to non-UN staff.

For more information, please follow the link.

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