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Data collection for study on the local public sector’s role in achieving development goals advances

Data Collection For Study On The Local Public Sector’s Role In Achieving Development Goals Advances

In collaboration with the Urban Institute’s Local Public Sector Initiative, DeLoG has launched an ambitious cross-country research project in October 2013: The Local Public Sector’s Role in Achieving Development Goals. While the local public sector (LPS) is increasingly recognised as crucial for improving public service delivery, empirical evidence linking decentralisation to improved development outcomes is rather erratic. DeLoG aims to bridge this knowledge gap by engaging in an empirical stock-taking exercise on the local public sector’s role in achieving development goals. In collaboration with France, GIZ, SDC, UNDP, UNCDF, and other development partners, detailed information is being collected about the role of local governments in the delivery of public health and education services in 40 countries. For this purpose a standardised LPS Country Survey was developed. Initial findings from the data collected so far suggest that better sectoral development progress is made in countries where a greater share of resources is spend at the local level in either a devolved or deconcentrated manner. In contrast, when local public services are funded directly by central governments, it appears that there are no associated improvements in development outcomes. Initial findings of the study therewith form an evidentiary starting point to promote the more prominent inclusion of local governments in development interventions.
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