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The subnational level & the Paris Agreement

The Subnational Level & The Paris Agreement

Stakeholders working in the context of subnational levels have welcomed the Paris Agreement. At COP21 the role of the subnational level and actors as well as the importance to strengthen it has been recognised. Now, the challenge will be to translate the agreement into (local) action.

ICLEI stated:  ”Through this Agreement, local and subnational governments are recognized as essential actors in fast tracking transformative action in the urban world. The Paris Agreement reflects the success of local government advocacy, enshrining local and subnational actors within an international climate agreement for the first time. Cities and regions have been recognized, engaged and empowered, as the Local Government Climate Roadmap (LGCR) desired.”

The C40 Chair, Eduard Paes, also welcomed the results of Paris. “We will not be standing still in the years ahead to 2020. Rather, we will continue to lead innovation and investment in solutions, working in partnership with investors, businesses and other subnational actors; and we will do so with newfound confidence that national governments are behind us, ready to provide the finance, political leadership, and collaboration needed to navigate the road from Paris.”
He expressed that COP21 renewed the sense of purpose and even stronger dedication of the cities to the work they are already doing through the Compact of Mayors.

Ronan Dantec, UCLG spokesperson on Climate, stated: “You´ve reached an agreement, now it’s up to us to make it happen!” But he also reminded of the need to look at all the current agendas (sustainable development, financing, urban) as complementary to the climate agenda. He highlighted the need to adopt a territorial approach involving all local actors for efficient action and reiterated the commitment of local and regional authorities to implementing climate change actions on the ground.

As it is put beautifully in this video from PLATFORMA, Climate Change affects locally and therefore calls for local Action. The Paris Agreement “will be a tool for local governments to recall the commitments of the international community and to obtain support from their national governments to participate in achieving their commitments.”

PLATFORMA – Local actions make global change

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