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DeLoG Global Seminar Series

DeLoG Global Seminar Series

Localising the post 2015 Development Agenda: The Local Public Sector’s Role in achieving Development Goals in Health and Education

The 4th session of the DeLoG Global Seminar Series took place on the 14th October 2014 at the GIZ premises in Bonn, Germany. Themed local-ising the post 2015 development agenda, the session addressed the local public sector’s role in achieving development goals particularly in health and education. Dr. Jamie Boex, a senior research associate at the Urban Institute in Washington D.C. presented the preliminary analysis of the ongoing Local Public Sector study (LPS) conducted by the Urban Institute on behalf of DeLoG and supported by GIZ, MAE, SDC, UNDP and UNCDF.

The study focuses and seeks to primarily answer questions such as the effectiveness of local governments vis-à-vis direct funding from central governments but also the magnitude of local public sectors and their composition in health and education. Another key research point is the question on which mechanism is more effective in localizing public services and supporting the achievement of development outcomes. It preliminarily concludes that locali-zation of public services involves more than local government spending since local govern-ments in the countries under research only account for a mere 35% of localised spending. Also, the results of the study point to a positive correlation between local spending and sector outcomes which according to Jamie Boex is not necessarily a proof of causality between the sectors

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