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8th DeLoG Annual Meeting – New York

8th DeLoG Annual Meeting – New York

“Effective Multi-Level-Governance for improved development results” was the theme of the 8th DeLoG annual meeting held at UN headquarters in New York from June 4th to 6th . It was hosted by UNCDF, UNDP and UN Habitat and brought together over 50 participants from 26 DeLoG member and partner organisations. The focus of this year`s meeting was on the role of Decentralisation and Local Governance (DLG) in the post 2015 development agenda. Further it was discussed how the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation (launched in Busan) can be implemented in the field of DLG. This included discussions on supporting local governments and hereby strengthening their role as development actors that enhance accountability and participation.
The concept of multi-level-governance was reflected and analysed considering vertical coordination, financing and accountability mechanisms as well as horizontal cooperation mechanisms. More specifically one session dealt with decentralisation approaches in fragile environments. There was a wide consensus that DLG plays an important role for re-establishing security and basic services in fragile country contexts. A further session was dedicated to multi-level governance and its impacts on rural and urban development. It became clear that the progressing urbanisation can be a positive factor for development if it is properly planned and managed. Further it was stated that it is not about rural vs. urban development but ensure an integral local development that uses the synergies of rural and urban linkages. The group has confirmed the on-going initiatives as well as defined working areas for the next years.
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