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6th Annual Meeting of the Development Partners Working Group on Decentralisation and Local Governance

6th Annual Meeting Of The Development Partners Working Group On Decentralisation And Local Governance

From May 18th to 20th 2011 the informal Development Partners Working Group on Decentralisation and Local Governance held its 6th annual meeting in Brussels, hosted by EuropeAid and co – hosted by the Swiss Development Agency (SDC).

A total of 47 participants from 24 organisations show clearly that the working group continues to play an important role as a knowledge sharing platform for enhanced donor harmonisation and aid effectiveness in the field of decentralisation and local governance. The positive evaluation and feedback from the participants also reflects the success of the annual meeting.

The thematic sessions were centred on challenges of integrating decentralisation and local governance issues in sector wide approaches, measuring progress of decentralisation reforms and impact of donor support as well as fiscal decentralisation and its linkages and importance for public finance management. Especially the subject around measuring of results and impact has generated a great interest amongst participating DPs. Consequently this issue will be further deepened and developed.

The main focus of the meeting was the upcoming 4th High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness (HLF-4) in Busan, South Korea in November this year. The key issue was to discuss how the working group can best position itself and the issue of decentralisation and local governance at the HLF-4. The group is currently producing an input derived from a total of 7 case studies that have been conducted in 2010 and 2011 comprising Benin, DRC, Ghana, Indonesia, Mozambique, Peru and Uganda.

In order to document the proceedings of the annual meeting a closing statement has been elaborated that features some key issues of the discussed subjects. It also lays out the road towards the HLF-4. However a comprehensive aide memoire is currently produced that will be made available on the website once it is approved by all members.

›› Closing Statement (PDF 401 KB)
›› Aide Memoire DeLoG 2011 Brussels (PDF 3 MB)

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