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DeLoG 11th Annual Meeting

DeLoG 11th Annual Meeting

The 11th Annual Meeting of the DeLoG-Network is coming up soon! The event will be hosted by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and will be taking place from 18-20 May, 2016, in Paris, France.

This year’s Meeting, titled ‘Localising the SDGs: Fiscal, Urban and Contextual Perspectives’, will focus on what support is needed in order to implement the SDGs at the local level. Here is an outline of the topics we will be discussing among members and partners, such as World Bank, European Commission, UNDP/UNICEF, OECD or UCLG :

Sustainable Local Development Financing

This session will deal with fiscal decentralisation and public financial management systems in the light of Addis, SDGs and Habitat III. We will look at  domestic resource mobilization (DRM) at and for the local level including financing urban infrastructure. We also deal with  frameworks to ensure subnational finance and tools to measure the progress on local finance.

Opportunities, challenges and approaches for decentralisation in fragile environments

The question of how to intervene in fragile states remains. We will have interesting inputs on how decentralisation can contribute to peacebuilding and how to strengthen municipal capacity in the context of Migration.

Urban and Territorial Governance               

This session will deal with the Habitat III process and new strategies for territorial governance.

The Secretariat is looking forward to lively discussion, sharing experiences and new approaches. Of course there will be room for networking and informal exchange as well.

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