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Country M&E Systems to Support Decentralisation Reforms

Country M&E Systems To Support Decentralisation Reforms

For more than 30 years, developing countries deal with decentralisation reforms. Often they lack evidence-based knowledge of the progress they are trying to induce: Is decentralisation proceeding? Are the anticipated changes in local institutions happening? Are structures and resource flows taking place as planned? It is even less clear whether decentralisation is an effective vehicle to attain specified goals or reach development objectives.

The necessary monitoring and evaluation (M&E) needs to take place in the decentralising countries themselves: Developing countries who established their own M&E systems should be able to obtain better evidence, policies and development results.

Today, many development partners (DPs) are supporting partner countries in their efforts to build their own M&E Systems. However, the current state of M&E systems in place to measure the progress of decentralisation reforms is relatively unknown.

The DeLoG Working Paper No. 4 takes stock of the current state of countries’ activities and development partners’ support in the area of country systems for monitoring and evaluating decentralisation reform and discusses possible implications for further efforts. (also available in French)

More DeLoG Working Papers can be found here.

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