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4th UCLG World Summit of Local and Regional Leaders – Rabat

4th UCLG World Summit Of Local And Regional Leaders – Rabat

The city of Rabat hosted the second UCLG World Summit of local and regional leaders, and the 4th Congress of its World Organisation, from 1st to 4th of October 2013. It was held under the overall theme „Imagine Society, Build Democracy“. With 3.700 registered participants from 124 countries it was the biggest congress so far, old and new president of the World Association of Municipalities is Kadhir Topbas, Mayor of Istanbul.
The final declaration of the summit stressed the political role of local authorities as effective promoters of peace and dialogue among people: The local sphere is where democracies are built and reinforced. It is the level which can most effectively renew the social contract between citizens and public authorities as they are best placed to identify and understand the needs of communities. During MDG implementation it was demonstrated that important progress was made where local and regional authorities were involved in this process and that that results were not as satisfactory in cases where the principle of subsidiarity was not respected.
During the first day of the congress, the „Global Task Force of Regional and Local Governments for Post-2015 and towards Habitat III” met to discuss the roadmap towards a new set of development goals and new initiatives in this respect. DeLoG will support the task force by conducting a study on possible indicators and goals that including sub-national levels. This technical input is meant to help the Global Task Force in submitting proposals for a localised Post-2015 framework. Furthermore, the Global Report on Local Democracy and Decentralization (GOLD III) titled “Basic services for all in an urbanizing world” was presented to the public.

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