Benin Small

From November 6th to 8th, the second DeLoG/train4dev in-country seminar on “Aid Effectiveness, Decentralisation and Local Governance in Benin” took place in Grand Popo, Benin. The workshop was jointly organised by the Ministry of Decentralisation, Local Governance, Administration and Spatial Planning of the Republic of Benin (MDGLATT), the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, BTC and GIZ.

The workshop brought together over 60 participants from the national and sub-national levels of government, mayors and civil society representatives to jointly learn and discuss Benin’s decentralisation process and how it can be effectively supported. Participants were selected in such manner as to maintain a careful balance between coordinating entities at the national level, appointed sub-national leaders, elected local representatives and representatives of the health, education, water and land ministries.
The interactive design of the seminar enabled a vivid dialogue on existing bottlenecks and possible solutions among these key stakeholders, whose different perspectives allowed for a holistic approach to the topic.

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