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DPWG-LGD Newsletter No. 6

DPWG-LGD Newsletter No. 6

As announced in our last Newsletter, we are pleased to inform you that the specific guidelines Specific Guiding Principles (PDF 256 KB) for the informal DPWG-LGD have now been successfully validated and adopted on December 17th 2009.
We are now hoping that the promising results from our desk study on Fiscal Decentralisation and Options for Donor Harmonisation Fiscal Decentralisation (PDF 1.3 MB) will lead to harmonised apporaches and activities of the DPWG-LGD in the particular area of fiscal decentralisation in the future.
Our first Lead Donor Workshop successfully took place in Kampala from October 6th-8th 2009. Please take the opportunity to take a close look at our Ugandan Workshop Report on Harmonisation, Decentralisation and Local Governance: Enhancing Aid Effectiveness Uganda Report (PDF 1,25 MB) and to discuss the results and recommendations with us.
In this context we would like to announce that we are planning a regional workshop in Burkina Faso in the first semester of 2010 (instead of Senegal which was cancelled due to unacceptable conditions). In order to share relevant information concerning the topic of local governance and decentralisation with other members of the DPWG-LDG and a broader general public, this newsletter again provides news, events and publications from our partners.
Feel free to send us any information you would like to share in our next newsletter. We are glad to receive your messages at any time.

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Newsletter: Newsletter No.6 1/2010 (PDF 140 KB)

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