Presentations held at the Annual Meeting in Brussels, 16-18 May 2017

Day 1

Opening Remarks

Charles Bois d’Engien, Deputy Director General, Directorate-General Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid, Belgium Ministry of Foreign Affairs (video)

Carl Michiels, Chair of the Management Committee, Belgian Technical Cooperation (video)

Opening Session: Localising the SDGs

Betty De Wachter, VVSG, Localising the SDGs (PowerPoint)

Paula Lucci, ODI, Localising the SDGs (PowerPoint)

Parallel working groups:

Silvia Kimpe, EU DEVCO, Localising the SDGs – Political Dialogue (PowerPoint)

Bettina von Dungen, GIZ,  How to Integrate the Agenda 2030 in GIZ´s Advisory Services (PowerPoint)

Strategic Options for DeLoG

DeLoG’s Project Evaluation results (PowerPoint)

Day 2

Thematic session 1: Decentralisation and Local Governance in Fragile Contexts

Seth Kaplan, DLG in Fragile Contexts  (PowerPoint) + (video)

Parallel working groups:

Jean-Christophe Charlier, BTC, A Social Cohesion Perspective to Address Fragility (PowerPoint)

Thematic session 2:

a) Local financing and local revenue mobilisation

Carlos de Freitas, FMDV, Local Financing and Local Revenue Mobilization (PowerPoint)

b) Urban and territorial governance approaches

Andrea Ciambra, UCLG, Co-creating the urban future (PowerPoint)

Parallel working groups:

Christel Alvergne, UNCDF, External Financing (supply, demand, access) (PowerPoint)

Kurt Petit, BTC, Urban and territorial governance approaches (PowerPoint)

Day 3

News from members and partners

Corinne Huser, SDC, LOGIN Asia (PowerPoint)

Strategic Working Group

DeLoG, Strategic Questions Core Group (PowerPoint)

DeLoG – Learn4Dev meeting

Learn4Dev network (PowerPoint)


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